Dermaquest Advanced Stem Cell Rebuilding Complex


Dermaquest Advanced Stem Cell Rebuilding Complex – 29.6mL

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Dermaquest Advanced Stem Cell Rebuilding Complex

The dynamic power of stem cells stops aging in its tracks.

What it is:

A brilliant anti-aging treatment that’s always one step ahead. DermaQuest Advanced Stem Cell Rebuilding Complex is a gel serum unique in its ability to reinvigorate aging skin by recovering firmness, resilience, and hydration while deeply soothing irritation and stress.

What it does:

With daily use, DermaQuest Advanced Stem Cell Rebuilding Complex diffuses visible signs of aging, revealing incredibly luminous, youthful-looking skin.

How it does it:

A versatile combination of proteins and plant stem cells vigorously regenerate and protect skin.

Edelweiss Plant Stem Cells, a natural plant extract that thrives in even the harshest conditions, restore tissue health, heal damaged cells, and promote collagen production.
Matrixyl® Morphomics™ supports the reduction of fine lines and wrinkles.

A skin-nourishing prebiotic restores balance and strengthens skin’s defense system.

Cultibiota, a stable prebiotic, counteracts the effects of environmental stressors, improving the overall health of the skin while reducing redness, balancing pH, and protecting against UV exposure.

An intelligent, time-released delivery complex carries active ingredients straight to the source.

Hydroxysomes serve as a highly-efficient delivery system that allows active ingredients to penetrate deep within skin.

Skin-balancing ingredients bring calm and balance to stressed, reactive skin.

MossCellTec™ No. 1, a plant-derived active, increases skin’s ability to retain moisture in stressful conditions, strengthening the skin’s defense against environmental aggressors and increasing its ability to retain water.
Hyalosome® EG10, a time-release cross-linked hyaluronic acid, forms a film on the skin that carries water to each cell for optimum hydration.

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