Biodroga MD Clear + Anti-Aging for Impure Skin


Biodroga MD Clear + Anti-Aging for Impure Skin – 2.6 oz

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The Biodroga MD Clear+ 24 Hour Care - Anti Ageing for Impure Skin is for the unwanted cornification process of the skin. BiodrogaMD™ CLEAR + Anti-Aging Care offers a carefully composed formulation for a more youthful and nourished complexion.

Salicylic acid and encapsulated vitamin A make the skin supple again and support its natural functions. CLEAR + Anti-Ageing Care stabilises and protects while providing intensive nourishment.

The use of the Derma Membrane Complex (DMC) as an alternative consistency factor instead of the classic W/O or O/W emulsifiers makes a great deal of sense in anti-ageing creams as well. Its structure and the formula with its skin-similar ingredients are in tune with human skin. Because DMC is modelled not only on the physical structure of the skin barrier layer but also on its membrane components, it can be considered “skin-similar”. It stabilises the barrier effect and has outstanding compatibility with skin.

• Special nourishing cream for mature skin with restructuring effect and barrier protection
• Contains DMC which allows the skin to breathe and improves transport of nutrients
• Oil replenishing and moisturising formula
• Stimulates formation of new skin cells
• Protects the skin against environmental factors
• Prevents the unwanted cornification process
• Makes skin appear even and youthful

• Salicylic acid
• D-Panthenol
• Beta glucans
• Safflower seed oil
• Vitamin E acetate
• Jojoba oil
• Encapsulated and stabilised retinol (vitamin A)

HOW TO USE: Mornings and evenings, apply to cleansed and toned skin. If CLEAR + Anti-Blemish Creme and CLEAR + Sebum Balancing Serum are used, they are applied BEFORE the CLEAR + Anti-Aging Care.

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