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Code of Honor

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Provide a fantastic Client Experience, meaning the Client comes first. Leave your drama at home – only bring the best of who you are to your client and THEIR experience. Every team member’s client is your client and give them your best.

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The meaning of a Team Player is someone who communicates constructively, transparent and shares openly, always ready to help entire team, flexible, doesn’t compete with their team, doesn’t have a secret agenda, is reliable. Actively participates in the functioning of the salon/team, encouraging, to helping to grow the whole team.

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To value and strive for genuine, authentic expression and interactions. Leading with an open heart, being honest, truthful and vulnerable. Accepting others as they are, without judgment. Creating a safe place within the salon where clients, staff, and owners can be truly raw, real, authentic.

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Respecting all human beings who enter the salon – guests, clients, staff, and owners. Having unbiased interactions and communications, being open-hearted and open-minded. Creating open communication channels and understanding the differences of others. Treating one another fairly, no matter the level, position, age, knowledge, or skill level. Adhering to the rules and protocols in place designed for the success and longevity of the salon company. Taking pride in how one is presented to the world – practicing proper hygiene while maintaining a polished look (clothing, hair, and makeup) in the salon.

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Bring positive energy to the salon. Be willing to find the good in the bad; and make an effort to put forth good vibes. Being open minded and receptive to constructive criticism, different ways of thinking, and alternative ideas. Supporting the salon as a whole – clients, staff, owners, neighbors, and community. Treating others as you want to be treated.

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Remembering to be in joy with clients + teammates. Laugh, play, smile – not being too serious! Trying your best to be at all the team building events + connecting. Leave your drama, bad attitude, bad mood outside the salon. GIVE LOVE, RECEIVE LOVE.

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Dress Code Project

Hair has no gender.

A global alliance of salons/shops committed to providing positive, gender-affirming services for LGBTQ2S+ clients

It all started when a stylist treated a client in a gender-affirming, positive way.

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