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Kali Rambo Sheffield

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Co-Owner of love + roots, Aesthetician, Microblading Artist, Lash Extension Stylist


You are probably asking yourself how I am different from all the other aestheticians in Austin. The truth is, many of us are similar in that we have a passion and love for what we do, and a deep desire to help others feel beautiful. It is a blessing and honor to give to my clients from my heart, in the best way I know how, every single day. The trust established between us is invaluable; and I strive to connect with each of my clients so that I can fully meet their needs and expectations. I know how important this relationship is and will always encourage my clients to find the Aesthetician with whom they feel the most comfortable.  

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I can tell you that Skin + Beauty is very personal to me. So I take great pride in offering the best quality, customized treatments for my clients, in a professional but relaxed and friendly atmosphere. I want you to leave here feeling that you are the best YOU possible; and if that happens, I know that I've done my job, to provide the highest level of care and improvement possible.  

If we are lucky, we will age...and hopefully, age gracefully. My goal as an aesthetician is to help you uncover your own natural beauty, in the healthiest way possible, so that you DO age with grace. I work to balance your skin to reveal brilliance, and carefully enhance your unique features so that you radiate confidence because you feel beautiful. Every one of us is so uniquely different, which means we each need a treatment tailored to our individual needs. I customize every service so that YOU are getting the best care for YOU.


I love what I do; and I love meeting each and every one of you. My commitment is to you, and to run my business with the utmost integrity. You'll immediately feel at ease, and the initial appointment will help us map out a Skin + Beauty plan, which helps you achieve the results you desire. 


Corrective skincare treatments, microblading eyebrow transformations, luscious lash extensions, gentle sugaring hair removal and more.

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Licensed and working as an Aesthetician since 2012 - training and working in the field since 1998.