Grandelash-MD Grande Buff Lip Scrub


Grandelash-MD Grande Buff Lip Scrub – 0.5 Ounces

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Grandelash-MD Grande Buff Lip Scrub

Give your lips the extra love & care they deserve with GrandeBUFF Moisturizing Lip Scrub by Grande Cosmetics. This 2-in-1 moisturizing lip scrub is packed with Ecobeads: a natural, dissolving exfoliant to buff away dry skin, plus a blend of creamy butters to add a blanket of hydration.

Exfoliates for instantly softer & smoother lips
Infused with Mango Butter & Argan Oil added hydration and nourishment
Gentle enough for daily use
Preps lips and improves makeup wear

In a consumer study using GrandeBUFF:
96% felt it instantly polished and moisturized lips*
97% saw healthier, revitalized looking lips*
*Based on a 2 week consumer study with 32 subjects. Results will vary.

Key Ingredients:
Ecobeads: A natural, dissolving exfoliant to buff away dry skin that is gentle, yet powerful
Argan Oil: Rich in Vitamin E, essential fatty acids and antioxidants to help nurture and improve texture of lips
Coconut, Avocado, & Castor Oil: Powerhouse moisturizing ingredients that create a softer, hydrated look by helping to lock in hydration
Shea & Mango Butters: Provide intensive nourishment for replenished, healthy looking lips
Rosehip Extract: Rich in Vitamin C & E to promotes the appearance of glowing, healthy looking lips

How To Use:
Apply a small amount onto lips and gently massage in to buff away dry skin. If desired, wipe away any excess Ecobeads, or continue massaging until dissolved. GrandeBUFF is gentle enough for daily use.

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