BioVegane Bio Baobab Smog Block


BioVegane Bio Baobab Smog Block – 100 ml

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The lightweight Organic Baobab Smog Block Spray protects the skin from environmental stress factors (smog, blue light and free radicals) with the help of the anti-pollution peach flower extract obtained from peach blossoms. It forms a delicate protective film on the skin, strengthening the skin's protective function and promoting cell renewal.

Furthermore, butterfly bush extracts shield the skin from damaged caused by the blue-light effect, as well as damage caused by natural light. Fig and larch tree extracts stabilize the moisture levels of the skin and sets make-up - for a radiant and fresh complexion.


Use in the morning, spray a thin layer on the skin after cleansing and toning. Doubles as a make-up setting spray or in between freshness boost.

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