Support Love + Roots

5 ways you can show your appreciation for our team during this difficult time

Yes, you can help us!

With the coronavirus impacting the entire Austin small business community, we’ve been overwhelmed by the Love + Support from all our clients. While it isn’t always easy to ask or accept help, now isn’t the time to be proud. We all have to come together and support each other in the ways we can.

If you would like to show your support for our business and our team, here are 5 different ways you can do so while we are closed during the coronavirus quarantine.

Show your love

1. Buy gift cards

This is a great way to support the salon as a whole. Gift Cards can be redeemed at a later time for services with any of our stylists, or even the purchase of products (skincare, hair care, and boutique items!). They can be purchased for ANY amount, and they NEVER expire.

2. Pre-pay

Want to help your stylist directly? Prepay for services with them, specifically. You can prepay for 1, 2, 3 or more services and your stylist will be paid for the commission and tip on those services while we’re closed.

3. Adopt a stylist

For every $25 you gift to one of our service providers via Venmo, we’ll add 2,500 Rewards Points (which equals $25) to your account. You can use Rewards Points for dollars off services and products when we reopen. It’s a win win! Rewards Points never expire.

4. Join our Love + Retail Club

For $30/month you can join our Love + Retail Club and receive 20% off all retail purchases, all the time. Each quarter, we’ll also send you a Free Gift and add 2000 Reward Points to your account.

5. Support another small business

Small service industry businesses are taking a big hit during this pandemic. Show us how you’ve supported another small business and we’ll add 2,500 Rewards Points to your account. It pays to give, and we want you to see that!