R+Co Dark Waves Body Wash


R+Co Dark Waves Body Wash – 2 OZ

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This luxurious gel gently cleanses and nourishes skin with a refreshing and enticing scent of citrus and spice.


Shea Butter, quickly absorbs to nourish and replenish dry skin while delivering essential fatty acids and promoting collagen production.

Olive Oil, moisturizing oil high in fatty acids and Vitamin E for optimal hydration and antioxidant benefits.

Grape Seed Oil, lightweight and rich in antioxidants, fatty acids and vitamins to protect and soften skin without clogging pores.

Aloe, high water content soothes and softens skin while locking in moisture.

Sugar Extracts, acts as a natural exfoliant for smooth, glowing skin.

Pomegranate Extract, easily absorbs into skin to promote microcirculation and cell renewal.


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