GrandeLASH™ – MD Grande Lash Golden Girl Duo


GrandeLASH™ – MD Grande Lash Golden Girl Duo – 3pcs

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An updated serum for eyelashes to enhance the beauty of eyes Proven to stimulate the natural growth of luscious lashes Helps create thicker, longer, darker & healthier-looking lashes in 4-8 weeks Features a unique applicator brush Effectively delivers right amount of product to the lashes Safe & non-irritating GrandeMASCARA: This mascara is formulated with a unique peptide ingredient Proven to stimulate keratin genes to grow healthier, shinier lashes Helps creates longer, thicker & darker looking lashes Leaves the eyes looking chic & sensual Gives best result when used with GrandeLASH-MD serum Ideal both for personal use & as a gift

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