Dr. Grandel AHA – Effect Ampules


Dr. Grandel AHA – Effect Ampules – 3 amps

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AHA Fruit Acids (AHA) / pH 4,0 – 4,5: Fruit acids or AHAs (Alpha Hydroxy Acids) have a peeling effect on the skin and can thereby reduce lines and wrinkles, refine pores, and brighten and smooth irregularities (e.g. scars or pigmentation marks). They also improve the skin’s moisture content and have a positive, balancing effect on blemished skin.

Panthenol: Panthenol (Provitamin B5) is the precursor of Vitamin B5 and has a regulating effect on the skin’s moisture level. It also supports the skin’s regeneration and has anti-inflammatory and soothing properties.

Mandarin Fruit Water: Green Mandarin Fruit Water (Citrus nobilis) helps protect the skin from environmentally-induced stress such as free radicals and harmful substances, by strengthening the vitality of the cells and thereby also boosting the skin’s defenses.

  • Refining
  • Smoothing/regenerating
  • Protecting
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