BioVegane Organic Hemp Eye Care


BioVegane Organic Hemp Eye Care – 15 ml

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Eye care with soft shimmering pigments lightening visible under-eye shadows.

The velvety eye care is the perfect beauty secret against wrinkles, irritated areas and visible under-eye shadows. Fragrance-free

The velvety smooth eye care containing the Superfood-Extract Organic Hemp Seed Oil and Eyebright-extract protects and revitalizes sensitive eye areas. Paracress, Hyaluron and light organic oils reduce wrinkles as well as smooth and firm the skin. Soft shimmering pigments lighten visible under-eye shadows and create a radiant look.

Bye, bye dark under eye shadows with the Organic Hemp Eye Care.

Delicate shimmering pigments work against visible shadows and dark circles under the eyes. They conceal these phenomena with a soft-focus effect and give you a radiant look.

The Organic Hemp Eye Care is fragrance-free.


Gently apply to eye area.

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